Tim's Testimonials

"The results that I have received working with Tim have surpassed my expectations.  It has been one of the best investments of time and money that I have made in a long time.  Not to mention, it has completely changed my approach to working out and my view on personal fitness.  I have always known that dieting would never work for me, and for the first time in a long time feel, I am comfortable with how my body looks.  Amen!"


"I have been working with Tim Johnson as my personal trainer for about eight months.  Tim has been instrumental in helping me design a new regimen including strength training, cardiovascular, balance and core work.  I also include an innovative workout entitled "Kick to be Fit" which combines a cardio workout with kicking and punching.  In a short period of time I migrated to a much more balanced and focused fitness program."


"I'd like to write a brief testimonial on behalf of my personal fitness trainer, Tim Johnson.  I've been training with him weekly.  He has always been well versed in the latest techniques for improving general strength and balance, such as the use of the BOSU and the importance of stabilizing the pelvis to ensure proper form.  Tim is very easy-going, and I don't feel like I'm undergoing a torture session."

Edwin Hong

"In my life I have stayed and worked in four different countries.  In the US, I have had fitness club memberships in four different cities--New York, San Francisco, Pittsburgh & Chicago--and now Minneapolis.  I have worked with multiple highly-qualified personal trainers in the past.  Tim stands out among them as the most effective, competent and fun trainer.  I have never had so much fun working out with a trainer.  He is very smart and has an innate sense of his clients' needs and abilities, and he can make the most mundane workout routine very, very fun.  I cannot begin to tell you how effective and fun these sessions have been for me.  I look forward to these sessions every week.  These sessions have brought me back to being a fitter and healthier person."

Churni Bhattacharya

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