Tim's Story

I became interested in fitness and exercise when I was a kid. I always rollerbladed and biked across town with my friends as a mode of transportation. But I also liked how good I felt afterward, too!

As I entered into jr high and high school, I became more involved with fitness.  I joined a tennis team, as well as a Tae Kwon Do school.  The closer I came to achieving my Black Belt, I knew that exercise and fitness would always be a big part of my life.  I also knew that I would have to be in the best shape to earn my black belt, so I began to workout on my own in addition to taking 2-3 classes a week.  When I earned my black belt, I began teaching classes.

Teaching Tae Kwon Do classes was an enriching and rewarding experience, as I was able to help people grow and excel --not only in their Tae Kwon Do skills, but in how they felt about themselves and how much healthier they felt than they ever had before. It was also great to see their lives becoming more focused and less stressful everyday.

I completed my education in Health and Exercise Science and became a personal trainer while I was teaching Tae Kwon Do . 

I now use my experience as a teacher and my knowledge as a student in Health and Exercise Science to give my clients a well-rounded program.  I educate them on the proper and safe ways to exercise while making it a fun experience by adding variety and excitement to their workouts.

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